Sax arrested for knife robbery at bank

Civil Guard, in the framework Cicai operation22Arrested an alleged perpetrator of a robbery at a bank office in the town of Sax. After nearly two months of investigations, the arrest was made in Sax. The detainee against whom a criminal complaint is made, robbery with violence and intimidationhanded over to the judicial authority that made the decision. He was released with a 150-foot restraining order over the robbed bank office.

The investigation began last month. July after the robbery. At around 8:45 am on the morning of July 13, with only one bank employee present, a faceless man walked in and pulled out a bank. snickersnee for the purpose of theft in the head office.

At that moment, the branch manager acknowledged who sounded the alarm, so when the criminal was surprised, he fled from the ground. without achieving his goal or hurting anyone.

Within minutes, police patrols arrived. Civil Guard and Sax Local Police, launching a search device to try to locate the alleged perpetrator.

The agents, who went to the scene, obtained specific information about the perpetrator of the robbery, thanks to the information provided by the victim. Also, same-day inquiries helped make the future easier. Research.

team Novelda Civil Guard Judicial Police undertook the investigations and launched operation Sicai22 to find and arrest the perpetrator of the robbery.

experience researchers he told them the author must have been Sax’s neighbor, so investigations focused on local criminals. After nearly two months of investigation, they finally identified the alleged perpetrator of the events.

On September 8, agents A 45-year-old man and a resident of that town. Although there was already a police record for other crimes, it did not reflect the commission of acts of a similar nature.

this Court of Guard and Novelda Order He ordered his release and ordered the detainee to be removed through the bank office.

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