11 people have already died in the flood disaster in the central parts of Italy.

Those who died in the flood disaster affecting last Thursday night Marche region, in its center Italyincreased to 11 upon recovery Bad weather continues to cause problems in the region, with the body of one in three missing.

There was no news of the body of the 8-year-old boy As well as a 56-year-old woman who was traveling in a car with her mother, who was hospitalized when flood waters reached them in the province of Senigallia.

this bad weather does not allow the area to breathe as it continues to rain The Municipality of Senigallia warned its citizens not to leave their homes and seek shelter on the top floors, and requested that all commercial activities in the flooded area be closed.

Despite the bad weather, firefighters, mountain rescuers and Civil Protection volunteers continue their work. search for two people still missing and helping the few hundred people who had to leave their homes.

It has also been reported that most of these towns have reopened water mains, which have been cut in the past few hours.

First Minister, mario draghivisited the affected areas this Friday and expressed his closeness to the population, in addition to the announcement of the declaration of the state of emergency and the arrival of the first 5 million aid.

“This is a disaster. We will do everything possible,” he said during his visit to Pianello di Ostra, where the most damage and 4 victims were recorded.

In Ancona state “400mm of rain fell in two or three hours”It is half of the precipitation in the region in a year. It was an extremely intense event. Probably the heat of these days collided with a cold air cell, causing such violent events,” the experts explained.

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