The Minister of Culture of France gives a lot to talk about in our country, but not because of his portfolio. Rima Abdul Malak, who recently visited Spain to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Picasso’s death, Due to its great resemblance to Paz Padilla, it generates a large number of comments on social networks.

“France’s new Minister of Culture, Paz Padilla”He posted user @ASerranoSora in a tweet, garnering more than 34,600 ‘likes’ on Twitter in just a day and a half while writing this article.

That similarity went viral was also revealed by the publication of an interview the French minister gave to El País. The person in charge of Macron’s cultural policy assured in the document that freedom of expression is “non-negotiable” and that “cultural diversity must also be defended in a world where platforms are getting stronger”.

Paz Padilla responds to criticism for rebuilding his life in ‘El hormiguero’

This plausible similarity Paz Padilla guest on the set of ‘El hormiguero’ To talk about his play ‘El humor de vida’, which is coming to Madrid in a few days. He also chatted Paul Motorcycles about other aspects of your professional and personal life.

In this sense, the former ‘Sálvame’ host wanted to capitalize on her intervention to respond powerfully to those who questioned her husband Antonio rebuilding his life two years after his death. After the release of some photos of her with another man, The Cadiz woman received a lot of criticism for starting a new date.