Estrella Galicia leads the rise in beer production worldwide

Consulting firm Epsilon Technologies, CEO Rivera’s children at the head of the most influential Spanish rulers LinkedIn has been surpassed only by Ana Patricia Botín, the leader of financial giant Santander. In the preparation of the ranking, the content they produce, whether it is original or not, transparency, personal reflections, comments on current events and social commitment are taken into consideration. There is nothing out of the ordinary among high-ranking executives of large corporations who are more into silence or corseted messages on this and other social networks. Returning from vacation, Ignacio Rivera admitted to his followers on Monday that the “sweet taste” the return gave him: “We were finally able to relax! It made me very happy and energized to see so many people having fun again without fear and without arguing. First of all, when I think about the relief of what this means for the hospitality industry and tourism”.

He advocates “necessary relief” against the “news insisting on destroying our party with the threat of a difficult winter,” and although he shares the increasingly common sense of the “effectively complex” fourth quarter, “stand up against unproductive pessimism”. “I invite you to welcome the rest of this 2022 with optimism and enthusiasm,” he says. “I have no doubt that in this way we will overcome this decline and avoid catastrophic projections,” he said.

35 in the top 40

He applies the story and a strong dose of enthusiasm in his own activity. During a meeting with Faro de Vigo at the O Encontro celebration of the Galician Center for University Studies (Cesuga) in A Toxa in mid-July, Ignacio Rivera predicted the good course of tourism and a good year-end for the company. . “We are going continue to grow in double digitsThat’s our job before we get a “harder” start to 2023 because of the “imminent crisis and inflation,” he said. If his predictions are confirmed, Hijos de Rivera will repeat: then the net hero of the industry lead the increase in production among all the world’s major brewers last year.

Galicia occupies standard-bearing position #35 in the top 40 manufacturers by sales volume. After a 27.9% increase in production reaching 4.4 million hectoliters, it rose three places compared to 2020. The average growth in the sector was 4.9%. The podium was occupied by the Belgian AB InBev, which reached 582 million hectoliters last year; Dutch Heineken with 231.2 million; and the Danish Carlsberg, who reached 119.6 million.

Hijos de Rivera’s flagship brand experienced the biggest increase in production, followed by the Chilean CCU with 23%. “Many Western European countries were still operating under covid-19 restrictions,” recalls BarthHaas, one of the reference companies in the supply of hops and author of the balance sheets of world beer production. This was the case of the few German brands that had to “make up for production losses”. “However, for countries in many other parts of the world,” the report says, the situation improved somewhat and sales increased”.

Expansion in Spain

As in Spain. Between houses and hotels, total beer consumption reached 40.04 million hectoliters9.7% more Compared to the previous year, when the outbreak of the pandemic reduced sales by 11.6% – still below previous levels (41.3 million hectoliters in 2019). Mahou San Miguel’s production approached 12 million after an increase of 10.3%; Damm grew 3.3% (10.26 million); 9.3% of Heineken’s (9.6 million); Compañía Cervecera de Canarias (0.95 million hectoliters) was also over 9%; and 13.9% of the Ágora Group. According to data from the Cerveceros de España employers’ association, Estrella Galicia is the only country to surpass its previous score and record a 26.8% increase in production compared to 2019 (3.47 million hectoliters).

In line with the recovery in sales, Hijos de Rivera’s turnover broke a record last year: 601.4 million €representing an improvement of 27.4% in 2020. Profit increased by 79% to almost 95 million euros. The company guarantees to look “with enthusiasm” to the current 2022 with the start of construction work on its second factory in Sao Paulo (Brazil), with its new factory in Morás (Arteixo) expanding capacity there – when four phases of the 1,000 million liters per year project are completed – and in Mexico Inauguration of the subsidiary.

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