Started building the largest CO2 capture plant directly from the air

Climeworks is a company founded in 2009 in Switzerland. Capture CO2 directly from the air continues to move towards its goals to help reduce the greenhouse effect. While the idea may seem like a short-term system with low chances of success to many, the reality is that Climeworks is not only surviving, it is also increasing the efficiency of its CO2 capture machines. It is currently building a new station in Iceland that breaks everything ever seen.

‘Orca’ was the world’s largest air capture facility until September last year. It is a facility that has the capacity to absorb 4,000 tons of carbon dioxide from the air, which is equivalent to 790 working cars.

‘Orca’ station, which became operational in September 2021 weather studies

However, ‘Orca’ will be surpassed by a new, more powerful version of this system. It will be operational in a few months.mammoth‘. This new machine will have the capacity to capture nine times more carbon dioxide. more than the current Orca, which is quite a step forward.

There are already 20 around the world

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), currently there are about 20 plants of this species spread all over the world. But the reality is that its real impact on reducing atmospheric CO2 is still very limited. All-in-all, it currently offers no real solution to greenhouse gases from human activities.

According to the agency’s calculation, to achieve a real positive impact on the environment, There must be air capture facilities capable of absorbing 85 million carbon dioxide. However, with the 20 plants currently available, including Mammoth, only 0.01 million tons of CO2 could be absorbed. It is clear that this is a small proportion.

Image of a station for capturing CO2 from the air cliché studies

To clean the planet of greenhouse gases, plants will be needed, each of which can absorb one million tons of carbon dioxide per year. The mammoth will have the capacity to capture only 36,000 tons of this chemical compound.Although it is a huge advance in technology for the environment, this makes it far from the aforementioned goal.

The biggest disadvantage of plants that capture carbon dioxide from the air is that they need a large amount of energy to work. But as in Orca and Mammoth They are located in the Hellisheiði geothermal park in Iceland, they can be powered by renewable energy to feed their operations and thus be able to separate CO2 from fresh air without causing any emissions, on the other hand, would be a contradiction in the case of such an installation.


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