Consell approves a deal with UA to evaluate economic recovery policies

Consell approved agreements for culture analysis and promotion between the Generalitat Presidency and the University of Valencia (UV) and the University of Alicante (UA). Evaluation of public policies aimed at economic and social improvement Community of Valencia through 2022

The aim is to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of public administration through the promotion of research and knowledge transfer activities for the design, analysis and evaluation of Consell’s policies. a) Yes, decision-making and prioritization or redirection of public resources will be facilitated. aimed at economic and social recovery measures.

Specifically, the aim with this cooperation is to encourage the evaluation of projects that will promote the economic and social recovery of the Community of Valencia, with the capacity to absorb European funds in competitive procedures and have significant impacts on activity and employment.

for him, Generalitat will allocate 60,000 euros through these agreements. (€30,000 per university) To encourage evaluation research on projects capable of absorbing European funds in competitive procedures and having a significant impact on activity and employment.

specific actions

Agreement with the University of Valencia, ‘last mile’ citizen bidding method for specific areas identified through the creation and development of citizen laboratories.

The policies to be examined in research activities will be those that will help increase the possibilities of attracting European funds in competitive procedures, which will encourage the promotion of economic and social recovery and have a significant impact on activity and employment.

for him, citizen digital laboratories will be created (laboratory); Reports will be produced on the results of the labs’ analysis and recommendations for ‘last mile public policies’ for specific areas identified, as well as a model proposal for incorporating citizen experiences into the political agenda.

The University of Alicante, for its part, The impact of the implementation of the planned actions of the Alcem-nos Planregarding their initial goals.

Likewise, in order to achieve the purpose of the agreements, universities will be able to develop research and knowledge transfer activities in the design, analysis and evaluation of public policies, and the organization of public hearings, conferences, seminars, research activities and university expansion will be encouraged. Among other scientific activities aimed at promoting a culture of public policy evaluation in the Valencian Community.

Likewise, suggestions and recommendations will be made for the improvement of indicators and information systems related to the performance and impact of public policies.

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