Political uncertainty due to fall of government in Montenegro

Montenegro has entered a period political instability Unable to overcome major identity polarizations in the country, the Government began focusing on reforms on its way to entering the European Union after falling out earlier this Saturday.

pro-European coalition manager Dritan Abazovic A no-confidence motion filed by DPS socialists to protest an agreement with the Serbian Orthodox Church that they felt dilutes the country’s national identity was dropped when it succeeded.

Montenegrin pro-Western and nationalist groups have argued that the agreement governing the state’s relations with the West Serbian Orthodox Church It strengthens the influence of Serbia and Russia in the country.

Negotiations for a new formation parliamentary majority they could start today, but the outcome is uncertain and the incumbent government is more likely to stay in office until early elections than the situation suggests.

Identity issues have polarized politics and society for years in Montenegro, a small country that gained its independence in 2006 from the state it established with Serbia after Montenegro’s disintegration. Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

The main protagonists of the harsh polarization are the Montenegrin president and the socialists of the DPS, who has been a strong man for thirty years, Milo Djukanovic and the pro-Serbian and pro-Russian Democratic Front (DF), the two largest Montenegrin formations.

The DPS, along with the two social democratic parties, overthrew the government (SSD and SD) and an Albanian minority formation joined by two deputies from the opposition party of the Bosnian-Muslim minority, the Montenegrin Democrats (center-left), BS, as well as pro-Russian and pro-Serb groups.

Abazovic, outgoing prime minister and leader of the reformists URA (middle left)He insisted on a no-confidence motion against his government for its determination to fight corruption and organized crime.

He assured me that he would sign. agreement with the church On the 3rd, it resolves a problem that has polarized the country and accused the DPS and its allies of trying to perpetuate nationalism and divisions to garner votes on identity issues and cover up links with organized crime.

fragile State Abazovic’s now outgoing minority was formed at the end of April by the URA, SDP, pro-Serb SNP and minority formations and received the support of the DPS in Parliament.

Montenegro, a small country with a population of about 620,000, NATO and candidate for entry into the European Union.

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