The United States announced the development of hypersonic weapons combat vehicles

First Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks said during a briefing that the United States is developing tools to combat hypersonic weapons. It is reported area Pentagon.

“Among other things, we are investing in hypersonic anti-weapons because we want to make sure we can protect ourselves from their use by other countries,” said the deputy head of the defense ministry.

The United States is also developing its own hypersonic weapons, he said.

“I believe we can talk about promising progress in American hypersonic programs,” Hicks said.

Previously reportedHe said defense companies, including the British Cohort and the American Raytheon Missiles and Defense, are working to create protection against Russian and Chinese hypersonic missiles.

Prior to this, the US Air Force declaration On successful testing of a prototype hypersonic weapon within the framework of the ARRW (Air Launched Rapid Response Weapon) program.

Source: Gazeta


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