39 photojournalists

We live in a television dump. The wait time serves to assess what the finished season has given us and in the case of the final installment of Detrás del momento, which we were unable to review due to lack of space. Emilio Morenattiare completed with 39 profiles of numerous photojournalists.

work done by Record Productions, from Barcelona has always been flawless. After a compelling foreword dedicated to some of the relevant work of the episode’s protagonist and the photographer who marked his career and put him on the map, we come to an off-screen biography that positions the character for us and gives us the keys. What we need to know in order not to get lost on your journey. Next, with the help of experts and with the biographer’s direct testimony from the front and profile, we examine some phases of his professional life. The result is always the same: great motivation to follow it.

It is curious that most of the 39 artists featured in Behind the Instant are of Catalan or Basque origin, as the producer of the show is from Barcelona; and if not, they have developed their professional careers in this land, especially in Barcelona. It is a fact that should not be overlooked and overlooked by those in charge of preparing anthologies: The best photojournalists came from there, the best television came from there and continues to come from there. Let’s not forget that Behind the Moment is one of the best documentary formats of this century so far. It should be remembered and brought back from time to time. If you don’t have Ondas, it will be because of a lack of sponsors. Had it been given at #0, it would have already been blessed.

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