A former employee of the Malaga company broke into the headquarters and shot two employees

A 29 year old male injured this Friday afternoon pellet gun for two workers Konecta company located in Malaga Tech Park. The alleged attacker would be a former employee of this company and would be a former employee of this company. fired last december.

The events occurred around 5:40 pm when the man entered his old company with a pellet gun and shot two workers. minor injuries that do not require hospitalizationAs confirmed to this newspaper by the National Police.

Police officers, along with Local Police agents and a medical device, went to the company located on Severo Ochoa street after it was activated by the 112 Andalusian Emergency Service, which received several alerts reporting possible shootings.

For now no arrests and the investigation is still open.

What caused the event Good shock Among the employees of the Konecta company, who condemned the allegations through social networks lack of building securitythere would be no security guard at the door to control access.

shooting witnesses

One of the company employees, who preferred to remain anonymous, was working in the room next to the room where the incident was recorded at the time. According to the story he presented to La Opinion de Málaga, 20 minutes before six in the afternoon. heard screaming and crying They came from the room on the right of the building. “I saw it after I heard the screams and approached the door. people running down the stairs. I gathered my things and went to the living room. When I tried to enter the other room with my fingerprint, they immediately shut me down. Many compañera were crying and shouting. there were injured people“, he explained.

Traces of blood from one of the wounds in this Friday’s shooting in Malaga.

“They said was there gunman and when I looked out I could see blood drips on the groundIt’s like a wounded person crawling on the floor to take shelter under the tables,” he added. Noting that they also started to call the police, Health Emergencies and company executives, the worker said, “We were all very scared.”

Two workers injured, two company coordinators. One shot in the face, above the eye, the other in the leg. “I saw how they treated him there and he could have lost not only his eye but also his life if he had been shot from a shorter distance,” this employee admits.

According to his statement, the alleged aggressor, Hired in October 2021 and laid off two months later, in Decemberas he explained, Management staff would have already gone on the night shift with the knife looking.. “Corridor gossip, but everyone says he’ll also send threatening emails to supervisors.” Eight months later, he reappeared unexpectedly, injuring the two coordinators and causing panic among his colleagues. More than 25 people may be working at Konecta’s headquarters at the time. “He’s an omnipotent man, because it looks like he hasn’t gotten past his dismissal after eight months,” he says.

Via the @MálagaSostenible account, they shared images of their office floor stained with the blood of their injured colleagues.

As the company states on its website and social networks, Konecta is a company that specializes in the management and outsourcing of business processes, creating value with comprehensive custom solutions.

Source: Informacion


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