There is hope: They collect 100,000 kilos of plastic by fishing with giant nets in the sea

duplication plastic waste in the sea It’s one of the biggest ecological problems facing the planet right now, but fortunately, positive news is emerging in this area. Large islands of plastic garbage scattered around the world, including the Pacific, could be eliminated. This is demonstrated by a dedicated international organization. The ‘fish’ with large nets are the floating objects that make up these ‘trash islands’.

The process can be slow given that the amounts of plastic at these concentrations are indeed huge, but the volume of material The Ocean Clean Up collects is also impressive. IT raises hopes for progressive elimination (if not all, at least a large part) of plastic floating in the oceans.

100 million kilos of garbage

Born in the Netherlands and operating worldwide, this NGO has eliminated no less than 100,000 kilograms of plastic in a single year from the massive Pacific garbage island, which is estimated to have accumulated a total of 100,000,000kg.

On a note from Ocean Clean, its action this first year cleared 1/1000 of the huge island of plastic, so, it will be possible to repeat the same process 1,000 more times and completely eliminate it.. It’s not an easy task, but it’s not impossible either.

Plastic garbage collected by the asset in the Pacific ocean cleaning

How does this nonprofit act? Its system mainly consists of: hunt garbage floating in the sea and for this there is nothing better than huge circular nets supported by floating buoys, They collect the waste for later discharge to ships.

Last year the entity made headlines for launching the network system called System 002, or ‘Jenny’, where it started collecting plastic in the North Pacific. However, Ocean Cleanup is about to enter a new phase with the commissioning of System 003, which allows to collect 10 times more material than the previous system.

garbage deck dump ocean cleaning

“Now that our technology is validated, We are ready to migrate to the new and expanded System 003expected to capture plastic at a rate potentially ten times higher than System 002, through a combination of larger size, improved efficiency and increased uptime.

Eliminate big plastic island by 2040

“Our floating systems are designed to capture plastics ranging from tiny bits of mere millimeters to large debris, including huge discarded fishing nets (ghost nets) that can be tens of meters wide,” they add.

According to his calculations, They need ten full-blown systems to clean up the great Pacific garbage island.

“Ocean Cleanup aims to eliminate 90% of floating plastic in the ocean by 2040,” says Asset.

System Image 3 that will start now ocean cleaning

Another of the actions they are planning is to use a Dutch invention, the so-called ‘Great Bubble Barrier’, to refloat the debris left on the seafloor to the surface. It is currently used to recover plastic waste in rivers, but it is desired to be used in the seas as well.

This system removes waste by pumping air through a pipe at the bottom of rivers. This creates a bubble formation that guides the plastic to the surface.


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