Gasoline and diesel at lowest level since April

this a downward trend was noted both petrol and diesel in the last two monthsAdded to the bonus of 20 cents per liter of fuel approved by the government, little “breath” During the most expensive August bridge in history.

According to data published this Thursday by the European Union (EU) Petroleum Bulletin, which includes the average price registered at more than 11,400 Spanish service stations between 9 and 15 August,In Spain, petrol was sold at an average of 1,597 euros per liter.diesel made for 1.606 Euros.

Although these prices are the highest recorded in the historical series for a bank holiday in August, 18% and 15% lower, respectivelyCompared to the records set by gasoline and diesel at the beginning of summer, it was aggravated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

a) Yes, Filling an average 55-liter tank with both petrol and diesel now costs around 88 Euros.This meant paying about 19 euros less than two months ago if using petrol and 16 euros for diesel.

However, compared to the same period of the previous year, The Spaniards paid 10 euros more for petrol and almost 20 euros more for diesel.

The most expensive August bridge in history

In that sense, and despite fuels accumulating declines over several weeks—eight for gasoline and seven for diesel, current prices are the most expensive prices in history For a long weekend in August, it’s one of the weeks of the year when traditionally more trips are recorded on Spanish roads.

This year, DGT forecasts projected more than seven million trips between 11 and 15 August, representing a 2.2% increase compared to movements recorded on the same dates last year.

Until now, Highest prices on a bridge on August 15 recorded in 2012Ten years ago, a liter of petrol cost 1.47 euros and a liter of diesel cost 1,395 euros, 8% and 13% less than current values, respectively.

It also exceeds the prices recorded for gasoline and diesel by 13% and 27% last August, when activity started to recover in the summer months after the pandemic, and They reached prices of 1,417 and 1,266 Euros, respectively.

But today, without the Government discount, the price of fuel would be even higher – 1,797 euros for gasoline and 1,806 for diesel – so this discount saves petrol or diesel consumers about 11 euros when refueling.

In addition, current prices are already below the average marked by Spanish service stations at the end of March, when the bonus was confirmed and prices – without discounts – began to exceed 2 euros per liter.

Cheaper than the European average

Despite the historically high levels recorded by petrol and diesel in Spain, the lower tax burden borne by both fuels and the Executive Board-approved bonus Prices are 1,774 euros for gasoline and 1,804 euros for diesel – below the European average.

Therefore, the most expensive gasoline in the EU is currently found in Finland (2,122 euros) and Denmark (2,116 euros), while the highest priced diesel is also found in the Scandinavian countries, notably Sweden (2.259 euros) and Finland. (2,084 Euros).

On the other hand, the lowest gasoline prices on the continent are registered in Hungary (1,294 Euro) and Malta (1,34 Euro), and diesel prices are again marked with Malta (1,21 Euro) and Hungary (1,551 Euro).

Compared to the surrounding countries, the average petrol and diesel prices in Spain offer the lowest values ​​and are surpassed by Germany, France (1,779 and 1,789 euros, respectively), Italy (1.77), where gasoline pays at 1,767 euros and diesel at 1,924 euros. and 1,756 Euros) and Portugal (1,787 and 1,729 Euros).

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