A 3-year-old boy died in Cordoba after falling from the third floor.

A small child three years old deceasedshortly before noon this thursday, after that autumn a third floorin a block of urbanization Lucena’s Claw.

Today, around 11:45 am on Thursday morning, health sources confirmed the situation. death of the childremained admitted to the Reina Sofia hospital in Córdoba. Last night’s prediction was: serious and police sources stated that the minor’s condition improved after the fatal incident. braindeath.

a tragic accident

The investigation, conducted by the National Police with the intervention of the Forensic and Science Police, tragic accident. Yesterday, shortly before 10 pm on Wednesday night, due to an oversight, small child ran down window until it fatally crashes into the pavement. Initially, the boy was transferred to health center 1 on Paseo de Rojas, and the National Police requested in the presence of the family the operational support of the Local Police and to facilitate the subsequent evacuation.

Next, the medical services took the victim first to the Infanta Margarita de Cabra Hospital and finally to the unit. mother-child of the Queen Sofia from Cordoba.

The events took place in a confluence of several blocks of official protection, supported both by the Andalucía Junta through AVRA and by the Land and Housing municipal company Suvilusa. lucena. The buildings are located in the northeastern part of the urban area, near the Sports Center and Health Center 2, parallel to the road to Rute.

Source: Informacion


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