They are investigating the use of a chalet barbecue as the cause of the bushfire in Petrer.

After the fire that burned a 100-hectare mountain in Petrer was brought under control at dawn, the Civil Guard’s investigations focused on finding its origin. The possible use of a barbecue in a country house is currently being investigated as the cause of the fire. Fire brigade sources confirmed that the flames from a country house in the Puça area went out of control in the first moments as all aircraft went out in the Vall d’Ebo fire.

agents Nature Conservation Service of the Civil Guard (Seprona) They opened an investigation and the results will be presented to the judicial authority. It should be noted that the Generalitat declared the maximum level for Valenciana’s Emergencies yesterday. Forest Fire Risk.

A wildfire declared at 2:15 p.m. this Wednesday mountainous area Puça is at Petrer. firefighters Elda Regional Park and aircraft tried to extinguish the flames before they spread to the Sierra del Caballo in the Protected Landscape of Sierra del Cid and El Maigmó. at 8:00 pm fire stabilized and was considered controlled after 24 hours with a calcined surface. 100 hectares.

Currently, the fire is burning the mountainous terrain with scrub and pine trees on the southern slope. But on the north face of the mountain, on the ground Alto de Cardenas, vegetation can be lush and disastrous to large extents. Especially if it reaches the forest mass of the natural enclave of L’Avaiol, where the Diputación de Alicante has a recreation area and many scattered cottages.

The fire is raging near the cottages of the Sierra del Caballo. METEOVINALOPO

Local Police warned owners of chalets and cottages located near the fire to be prepared when firefighting work needs to be done. Preventive evacuation is an extremist event that has finally taken place in the municipal camp of Caprala, affecting a dozen people.

The first moments of the fire in the Puça de Petrer area. METEOVINALOPO

this smoke column It is already visible from Villena, more than ten kilometers away, and the wind facilitates the spread of the flames. Currently, two command and leadership units are participating in destruction missions, two heavy jungle bombs, Two unit forestry brigades with fire trucks along with a sergeant, a corporal, and eight firefighters from Elda Provincial Park. And they fight aerial fire Alpha 0 helicopter and two seaplanes.

Firefighters and volunteers from ACIF Salinas during their extinguishing missions. INFORMATION

Given the virulence of the incident at half past five in the afternoon, authorities determined that four aircraft were operating in the operation. El Comtat and Marina Alta fire He will participate in the extinguishing of the fire in Petrer. Volunteers from ACIF Salinas also participated, with two crews and two light vehicles.

The plumes of smoke from the Petrer fire can be seen from more than ten kilometers away. METEOVINALOPO

at the end of June a Forest fire He burned a hectare of pine trees and bushes in Petrer. This was the first forest loss of the summer surveillance campaign recorded in the Alto and Medio Vinalopó regions.

Firefighters received a fire report 20:37 source of flames from natural area Figuralet is in a residential area near the Rambla de Puça.

A corporal and four firefighters from Parque de Villena joined the fighting missions with a command and leadership unit, a heavy rural pump, two units of forest firefighters with two fire trucks and two aircraft with water cargo.

At 10:20 pm the forest fire was considered extinguished, but remained in the area for a while. preventive seal to avoid possible exacerbations.

intervention Aircraft It was decisive in the first minutes to avoid it. fire spread.

In the incident that occurred on Wednesday, firefighters continued their fight against the flames after the fire. 8:30 p.m. but when it got dark, the airborne annihilators began to retreat. The fire has not yet been brought under control.

A gloomy picture after the fire. INFORMATION

A lot Petrer and Elda citizens, groups and associationsbetween them music associationThey showed their support for firefighters and collaborators in their firefighting missions, and also offered to help “in everything necessary for our beloved Sierra del Caballo”.

Petrer deputy mayor Fernando Portillo said this Thursday morning, “We are fortunate that there was no property damage and that the major damage was behind what it should have been. Firefighters’ performance and Forest Firefighters are ten years old. Until you find yourself in such a situation, that’s how good it is in the public fire services and the Security Forces.” We don’t know how lucky we are to have professionals. And especially petty officer Amancio Guerrero. firefighters of the Vinalopó Operational Area whose performance is decisive”.

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