They found “interesting features” in a new Russian submarine project in the United States

The Arktur submarine project presented by the Rubin Central Design Bureau at the Army-2022 forum has a number of interesting features, reports Drive.

The publication states that Arcturus is similar in size to the Borey-A nuclear submarine, but its hull is thicker. Assuming Arcturus will receive a fully enclosed propulsion unit, Drive acknowledges that the submarine’s design includes the use of jet propulsion instead of conventional propellers that reduce hydroacoustic visibility.

According to the representative of the Rubin Central Design Bureau, Arcturus can carry not only strategic weapons, but also unmanned vehicles of various classes. Small and medium-sized devices can be placed in the ship’s mines, for large ones outboard docking is provided.

According to the developers, Arcturus will be 20% smaller than existing types due to the use of more advanced missiles. The length of the ship will be 134 meters, width – 15.7 meters, the crew of the submarine will be about 100 people. The representative of the Rubin Central Design Bureau emphasized that the first samples of Arcturus will appear no earlier than in the “second half of the 21st century.”

It was previously reported that China. to start Anti-submarine exercises aimed at detecting and implementing attacks on US Navy submarines actively sailing in the South China Sea.

Source: Gazeta


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