Biden’s climate law, an asterisk victory

This Tuesday is “pride day” for his administration Joe BidenAs Vice President Kamala Harris tweeted.

The President of the United States will sign the so-called treaty. The Inflation Reduction Act, a rule that encompasses long-desired goals By Democrats on health, tax issues and the fight against climate change. This is undoubtedly a very important legislative achievement, a breath of fresh air. optimism in the white house On the position of the president and the Democratic Party ahead of the November legislative elections. But the victory, especially in environmental matters, comes with an asterisk.

both main groups climate activistsrepresentatives, especially young generations, specifically experts and scientists concessions made to support the administration of conservative Senator Joe Manchin. time bomb environmental. They also fear that a certain political and social complacency will emerge with the announcement of the intention of a political tour selling the benefits of the law.

Several groups sent a letter to Congress reminding them that their “job was not done.” Hundreds of people also sent Biden a letter urging him to exercise executive power. Declaring a climate emergency that would make it possible to halt the expected impact of some of these concessionsAn unexpected step for the president to take.

pros and cons

The law allocates $369,000 million to tax credits, investments, and other incentives. economy clean energies in america. For example, it has given 10-year loans for solar and wind projects and set up aid for households and citizens to transition to more efficient appliances or electric vehicles. The obvious bet is that the rule will accelerate market changes that are already taking place, gradually replacing fossil fuels, and the United States taking some back. international credibility He lost during the presidency of Donald Trump.

But to get Manchin’s much-needed support, the legislation also includes highly problematic measures. For example, those who currently hold drilling concessions on federal lands and waters should be offered the opportunity to purchase them. It also stipulates the establishment of solar and wind power infrastructures, with thousands of hectares being sold for oil and gas extraction. It also revives the largest of the existing drilling projects in the Gulf of Mexico, which a judge stopped due to its environmental impact.

Another point condemned by activists and experts is that cutting permit regulationswarnings will make them get the green light faster and easier oil and gas pipeline projects or export facilities. They also question the allocation of funds to techniques that have yet to be proven effective, such as carbon capture and hydrogen production. They also remember that there is still a long way to go to ensure that special attention is paid to the lowest-income neighborhoods and minority populations that are disproportionately affected by the climate emergency.

“This How to lose 10 kilos when you need to lose 50 kilos‘, Robert McNally of energy consulting firm Rapidan Energy Group summarized graphically for The New York Times.

While the White House prepares tours to “sell” the achievements of the law across the country, Activists and experts also fear that the triumphant message overshadows the challenges ahead and leaves those who do not follow or know in detail environmental science with a sense of finished work.

This Tuesday, Biden declared that the law ” achieve climate goalsThis marks a 50% to 52% reduction in pollutant emissions by 2030 compared to 2005 levels. However, calculations on the impact of the legislation still leave this cut at 40%. At least two-thirds of that rate, measures before this law.

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