Polish Minister Anna Moscow: water samples from the Odra River were sent to foreign laboratories

In Poland, experts sent water samples to foreign laboratories from the Odra River, where mass fish deaths were recorded. This was announced by the Polish Minister of Climate and Environment, Anna Moscow. excitement.

“Experts from the Odra infection group decided to send samples to laboratories abroad. In addition to research at Polish institutes, yesterday the samples were transferred to a laboratory in the Czech Republic,” he wrote.

Anna Moskva added that the samples will be delivered to the Netherlands and England on 16 August.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki declarationHe said the cause of the mass death of fish in the Odra River is not yet clear.

Steffi Lemke, German Minister of Environment and Nuclear Safety, waits Information on possible causes of mass mortality of fish on the Odra River from Poland.

14 August reportedHe said the Oder River contains high levels of toxic substances that have killed thousands of fish and birds. Berlin blamed Warsaw for the disaster. They promised to find and punish those responsible in Poland, and several officials resigned.

Source: Gazeta


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