‘Sálvame’ started its lemon edition this Tuesday with a new scare from one of its members. Jorge Javier Vazquez had to be hospitalized Peru as the host reported on his official Instagram account, during the summer holidays already dischargedHe continued on his planned trip.

“Peru is a wonderful country. I arrived two weeks ago and got to know beautiful Lima, saw vultures flying and some more. altitude sickness. Four hyperbaric chamber sessions, corticosteroids, antibiotics to eliminate pulmonary edema and what I know. A party,” says the communicator.

“Gastronomy is excellent but I enjoy it a little because My throat hurts and every bite I take is a knife it sinks into my soul. Again: nice people and very willing. I was able to visit Macchu Picchu by dragging, taking oxygen every ten minutes. Step by step, softly soft. and Cusco. I will add photos tomorrow. Today I have to go to a place with mosquitoes. It scares me. I tried to sell the photos to see if it would make me happy by buying a few euros but they closed early as it was a long weekend. I have a few flights to catch on this trip. Do you have a special message for your loved ones? Remember, I carry you in my heart”, phrases Jorge Javier Vázquez in this broadcast.