Unstoppable advance of drug traffickers in Ecuador

Talking about Choneros, Wolves and Tiguerones, Lizards or Latin Kings has become a tradition in Ecuador. This is not about bands or football teams, big drug gangs controversial ones to the bullets territory and markets of a country in which it is located violence scales ominously with increase social inequality.

port city guayaquil, This weekend, with a population of about three million, once again witnessed the activities of these groups. After his death, a bomb exploded in the Cristo del Consuelo district. The attack caused five dead and at least 20 injuredsome seriously, in addition to the damage to homes that previously had signs of insecurity in their walls. William Lasso Announced Exception statusThis is the third time he has resorted to this mechanism since he took office in May 2021. Prize up to $10,000 who provides information about what happened last Sunday.

New modalities

That’s how bombs hit operational innovation of criminals. Last April, an explosive-laden vehicle exploded in front of the Guayas district prison. A month later the same situation was repeated outside the Community Police Unit. Security forces found homemade bombs near the Public Prosecutor’s Office or the Judicial Council. While the country was still stunned by what happened in Cristo del Consuelo on Monday, and as police continued to raid and arrest alleged Tiguerones in that neighborhood, police found a box with an artifact north of Quito. be exploded.

“Again, as almost every day, the country is suffering,” the Baskent newspaper said. Trade in his last post. “We call on all authorities, all functions of the State, to join the action so that Guayaquil and the country do not die of blood loss,” he said. Universe.

The progress of drug trafficking is, on the one hand, a result of the alliance that some of these groups have formed with Drugs. Mexican Cartel Jalisco Next Generationthey supplied colombian cocaine shipping from ports and airports. In accordance with Universeauthorities have seized so far this year 90 tons of drugsMore than double what it was in 2021.

Slums and prisons

At the same time, the gangs are trying to settle in the cities to control the affairs of the so-called gangs. drug trade. this struggle for land control there is another part prisons. On July 18, 13 inmates were killed in a clash between rival gangs at a prison in the city of Santo Domingo de los Colorados. Last May, 44 prisoners died in the same center and for the same reasons. In the last two years, more 400 deaths in prisons. The lasso showed that he was as powerless as his predecessor, Lenin Moreno, to solve the scourge.

as in Brazil anyone MexicanEcuadorian factions they started hiring children. “It’s devastating to even know that they have clothes with logos that identify them,” he said. Trade. For the publication, “It’s not complicated to know why it’s easy for gangs to recruit minors and young people to the toughest assignments. They’re people who already come from an environment of structural violence, from families without families for generations. The job that gives them dignity”. Those kids and teenagers”they know they have no future“.

Background of poverty

25 percent of Ecuadorians are poor, and in a country that doesn’t have its own currency, she gets $87 a month. 10.7% of the population lives in extreme poverty and costs $49.35 per person per month. this social inequality It is another source of conflict. On June 13, the Ecuadorian Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities (CONAIE) launched an 18-day nationwide protest. Moreno’s government was also rocked by a social explosion that swept away his aspirations for re-election in 2019.

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