China has created a magnetic train that can stay in the air “forever”

They set up a permanent magnet maglev test line in China. About informs China Central Television.

Maglev is a magnetic train that does not touch the rails, but passes over the rails due to thrust. It has no wheels and therefore the maglev is not braked by the friction of the axles and the power of the discs does not limit its speed. As a result, the speed of such a train can approach the speed of an airplane, but the strength of the magnet must be very high, and therefore the working lines run on superconductors.

An experimental 800-metre maglev line powered by permanent magnets has been built in Ganzhou County. The train accelerates to 80 kilometers per hour, and electromagnets are still used for acceleration: magnetic elements made of rare earth metals support it on the road and allow it to hover in the parking lot without consuming energy. In theory, this would reduce the operating cost of the system, both by reducing energy consumption and eliminating the complex cooling system for superconducting magnets.

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Source: Gazeta


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