Macron approves Sweden and Finland joining NATO

French President Emmanuel Macron Finland and Sweden signed the ratification protocol on NATO accession this SaturdayElysée sources, after its adoption by the Gallic Parliament on 2 August.

“This independent election of Finland and Sweden, the two European partners, will allow to strengthen its security against the current threat in its immediate vicinity. And given the capabilities of these two partners, it will make a significant contribution to the joint position and our European security.”

After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Sweden and Finland renounced their traditional neutrality and applied to join the transatlantic organization ignores Russian threats of possible retaliation.

They need thirty NATO member states to support their entry To enjoy protection in the event of an attack guaranteed by Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty.

The French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Catherine Colonna, gave the following assurance during the adoption of the protocol in the National Assembly: twenty countries had already guaranteed their support Although Turkey threatens to block the entry of these countries.

Source: Informacion


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