A diner from ‘First Dates’ admits what problems he had after kicking Maradona out of the game: ‘I had a terrible time’

You can also talk about interesting things that happened to you on the first date. They know this all too well at Cuatro, every night one of their singles releases some shocking data. Lately,First Dates‘, One of his guests confessed to his trouble and misfortune with a famous football player while working outside of Spain.

Óscar was eager to fall in love with the program, so she opened up and didn’t hide any aspect of her personality or hobbies. The boy realized that he loved football, which led him to work in the industry. Like he said, He had refereed and worked with well-known athletes with whom he had some complications.

The diner explained who it had to fire once: “I had a bad time with him because of his surroundings, because he was a god, I spent three days without leaving the hotel” accepted at the show.

Despite this, they eventually became friends and had a good relationship: “It just so happened that we both celebrated our birthdays on October 30th. “Congratulations for the time difference were always the first thing he got,” he explained.

Source: Informacion


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