Try to leave Ibiza with more than five kilos of hash in your suitcase

National Police agents in Ibiza arrested a 63-year-old man of German descent who was trying to get him off the island last Thursday. 5.5 kilos of poppyThe armed organization made a written statement.

in a control UDYCO At Ibiza airport, police officers observed a person approaching while trying to avoid the presence of uniformed security personnel, so this is the case. elusive attitude and on the off chance that he was hiding something, they decided to identify him and search his belongings, the details of the notes.

As a result of this action, two large packages, a total of 5.5 kilos of cannabis, were found in his suitcase, hiding the seized drugs.

For all these reasons, the man was arrested for alleged perpetrator of a murder. crime against public health and was transferred to the National Police station in Ibiza, where the relevant report was processed, where he was placed at the disposal of the Investigation Court on duty.

prisoner various backgrounds Police specifies the statement for various crimes.

Within the framework of the powers given to the UDYCO research group to prevent drug trafficking on the island of Ibiza, different devices are used to detect people who can travel, enter and exit Ibiza, usually with illegal drugs. announced by the police.

Source: Informacion


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