this notifications these are messages that can be annoying despite their descriptive nature, in which the operating system provides the user with reminders, communications or specific information about an “app”.

This is a problem with already installed Android 12 and actually its next versionIt will require new permissions to apps to be able to send these alerts to owners of devices that integrate it.

To protect privacy on Android 13, usersTo let‘, it’s similar to how you grant access permissions to things like your camera or location.

Normally, a user can get rid of a notification on Android by swiping or tapping the ‘ icon.clear all‘ is located at the bottom right of the control box.

But there are so-called persistent or persistent notifications that are protected from such simple actions and are not so easy to eliminate, because do not offer alternatives for him.

There are several ways to clear one or more persistent notifications on our Android phone. One of them is to hold down the alert that we want to hide. then a popup window o Gives the option to permanently disable some or all notifications about ‘app’.

Another way to deal with this type of notification, forced shutdown To do this, the user must press and hold the screen on the corresponding icon and then access their information.

Once inside this section, several options are displayed. Among these, which will make it necessary to close the application in question, disappearance of all your active notifications during operation.

The third alternative to delete both persistent notifications and the rest of these alerts that the device presents is ‘Settings‘Your device.

From this, in the section devoted to notifications, user can manage all. In this section, it even shows the average of the alerts you usually receive.

After learning how to get rid of annoying persistent notifications, we must remember that. Not everyone has to have this characterhowever, there are also reminders that tell the user to complete the setup of their mobile device.

There are others who, in addition to being useful to them, informative work and does not require user intervention to disappear. This applies to events like software updates managed by a progress bar that always appears as a notification. until the process is over. They disappear immediately after and after the operation.