New York detects polio in city sewer

The New York State Department of Health reported it was detected this Friday. poliomyelitis A case was identified three weeks after examining sewage samples in the county of the same name. rocklandThe first in ten years in the entire United States.

“For every case paralyzed polio “When detected, hundreds more may be missed,” he said. Mary Bassett, He described the viewing of polio in sewers in New York City as “alarming”, “but not surprising”.

For his part, the city’s Health Commissioner, Dr. Ashwin VasanHe warned that for New Yorkers the risk was “real”, but underscored it. defense against disease is “very simple”Anyway, get vaccinated.

Polio is completely preventable and its reappearance should be a call for us to move,” he said, urging residents to get vaccinated.

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