Russians were told that it is impossible to post on social networks

Anatoly Mironov, head of the Zashchita Moscow Bar Association, told the agency that posting personal data on social networks is not recommended. Hit the lining.

According to the expert, it is not necessary to indicate the place of work and residence.

According to him, this can trigger undesirable actions of both fans and opponents.

You should not write down information about your whereabouts, and even more so, to protect the property, indicate that no one is home.

The lawyer advised on posting selfies and stories about new travels after returning from a trip.

You should also be extremely careful when posting photos of others. According to the lawyer, this requires consent. According to the law, permission is not required if the photo, video shooting is done in a public place and in some other situations.

If a person decides to share details about their work, it is worth remembering the norms of professional ethics and the protection of trade or official secrets. Physicians must maintain medical confidentiality.

Source: Gazeta


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