Sandra Barneda talks about adapting her novel into a series with Eva Longoria: ‘I’m so excited’

Sandra Barneda is having a sweet moment thanks to one of her six published books. The server will soon see how his novelland of women‘ will be adapted into a series produced by Bambú (‘Velvet’, ‘Fariña’) for Apple TV+Eva Longoria and Carmen Maura will star in the movie: “I’m so excited for the news.”

“I’m happy that Apple TV+ and Bambú have decided to take inspiration from ‘La Tierra de las Mujeres’ for their next series starring Eva Longoria and Carmen Maura. It’s a dream come true that will start filming soon. It’s going to be a great adventure”, statements for the presenter YOTELE.

Sandra Barneda will be involved in the production of this new Bambú and Apple TV+ edit, as YOTELE has learned. because he will be the script consultant for this new audiovisual project.

On the other hand, as this portal has learned, Eva Longoria will settle in Figueres (Girona) With his family during the recording of the series.

The series ‘Land of Women’ adapted by Ramón Campos and Gema R. Neira Gala (Longoria), a New Yorker forced to flee her home after her husband’s death, also implicates the family in financial irregularities.. Accompanying him on the trip is his elderly mother Julia (Maura) and his college-aged daughter.

The three women flee from the criminals their deceased husbands owe money to and move to the same charming wine town in northern Spain, where Gala’s mother escaped 50 years ago and swore never to return. It’s hard to start over with new identities when living in a small town where secrets are easily solved.

‘Country of Women’ is the second book in Sandra Barneda’s literary career. It started in 2013 with the publication of ‘Rose in the Wind’. The journalist also won the title of a finalist in the 2020 Planeta Award with the title of his sixth novel, ‘An Ocean to Reach You’.

In this way, Apple TV+ is once again relying on Bamboo for its new original production. The company that creates series like ‘Velvet‘, ‘Gran hotel’, ‘Fariña’ and ‘On death rows’, among others, he was responsible for the production of ‘Now & Then’, the first Spanish fiction on the entertainment platform.

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