200 kilos of cocaine was seized on a ship making a technical stop for refueling in Tenerife.

Customs Brokerage Tax Administration inside Tenerife’s Santa Cruz and Civil Guard 200 kilograms of cocaine, which was stuck in one of the cooling nozzles of the power plant, was intervened. Northern Mamore ship. The operation took place while the ship was making a technical stop to refuel on its route from Brazil to the port of Lisbon.

The response was the result of one of the United States’ mooring visits by the Financial Protection and Frontiers Unit of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife port’s Civil Guard. Santa Cruz de Tenerife Unified Customs Inspection Unit.

Such visits are made to control the cargo of the ships. In this incident, a visit was made to the cargo ship Nord Mamore, which docked at the mooring area in the early hours of August 5. Number 2 of the port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife to refuel. The declared cargo was Egypt and the destination was the port of Lisbon.

During the inspection of the cargo and the remaining common areas of the ship, up to eight beams were detected in total. The discovery occurred during the overhaul of the cooling water intake nozzle of ship engines.It is carried out from outside the boat by personnel from the Civil Guard underwater activities team (GEAS).

These bundles were attached to the inside of the mouthpiece and to each other when found by divers. After analyzing them, it turned out that the presence of narcotic substances, in particular cocaine, was detected in it, and when the contents of the packages were weighed, they weighed 200 kilograms.

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