A truck driver zigzagging the highway between Alicante and Crevillent for more than 30 kilometers

Alicante Civil Guard accused a truck driver He zigzagged for 30 kilometers along sections of highway between Alicante and Crevillentreported the Command. Those who found the road on the road, saw the safety of the road and immediately informed the Police. serious risk.

The incidents occurred on the night of August 3, when agents from the Alicante Civil Traffic Guard received word that a large truck was constantly occupying two of them on the A-70 highway, in the direction of Elche, at the height of the airport exit. lanes, crossing from one to the other without turning on the gauges and getting out of the way to the guardrail on either side.

Benemérita emphasized that in these conditions, road safety is seriously compromised for 30 kilometers. The vehicles that hit the truck on the road barely got in front of it. trying to avoid danger.

The Alicante Civil Guard Traffic Detachment’s Reporting Team was able to locate the heavy vehicle and, after stopping its march, appreciated clear signs that the heavy vehicle was under the influence, at Crevillent, AP-7 at the height of El Realengo. alcohol for which it was subjected to a breathalyzer test. He gave a rate that exceeded twice what is allowed for a professional driver.

The cooperation of the witnesses, who quickly informed the Civil Guard, allowed the agents. intervene the vehicle in timeto prevent a possible loss that could be serious under the circumstances.

The truck driver, a 36-year-old man, is charged with reckless driving and driving under the influence of alcohol. According to the Criminal Code, the person responsible faces a penalty that ranges from:6 months to 2 years imprisonmentand deprivation of the right to drive a motor vehicle or moped From 1 year to 6.

The proceedings were submitted to the Elche No. 3 Investigation Court.

In line with this response, the Civil Guard reminds that alcohol and drug detection checks are carried out regularly throughout the year and intensified to coincide with the holidays. During this week, the Traffic Civil Guards are intensifying their efforts to prevent alcohol and drug use behind the wheel within the framework of the Special Campaign created by the General Directorate of Traffic.

According to the Memory of Toxicological Findings in 2021 Traffic Accident Victims, prepared by the National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences in collaboration with the National Road Safety Observatory, alcohol and drug consumption are one of the main risk factors for traffic accidents.

The Civil Guard would like to remind you that the only safe alcohol level for driving is 0.0%, because even if blood alcohol levels remain within allowable limits, the risk of causing an accident may increase. Any amount of alcohol consumption reduces the driver’s abilities and significantly increases reaction times.

While more and more drivers are aware of the risks of alcohol and drug use behind the wheel, the reality is that they are still involved in a large number of road accidents.

During the month of July, a total of 253 drivers were brought to justice by the Civil Guards’ Traffic Group in the Community of Valencia for alleged crimes against road safety: 87 for driving without a permit or license, 156 for doing so under the influence of alcoholic beverages, 6 for reckless driving, 1 excessive speeding and 3 drug driving.

In the province of Alicante, 33 were without a permit or license, 54 for drunk driving and 3 for reckless driving.

Source: Informacion


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