Russian developers found a way to make injections painless

A team of Russian scientists and entrepreneurs has developed and produced an applicator in the form of a syringe attachment that allows vaccines to be administered intradermally without touching nerve endings and blood vessels, making the administration of drugs painless. The press service of the National Technology Initiative Platform (NTI) told about the development of

ÔÇťAbout 8 billion people on the planet cannot tolerate pain well, and 10% of them are terribly afraid of needles. In children, this rate is over 25%. Our development has a defiantly peaceful outlook. It is a flat glossy slightly rough surface. Microneedles cannot reach nerve endings and blood vessels in the skin. “The length of these needles is no more than 350 microns, so the procedure is completely painless,” said Konstantin Pevchikh, the author of the project.

The team made an applicator, which is a special attachment to a regular syringe. With the help of microneedles on it, the drug enters the skin. NTI said scientists around the world have repeatedly conducted research on intradermal vaccination. The results of the studies have shown that intradermal vaccination may be more effective than the classical vaccine when used widely, but such a procedure has not yet become widespread due to the difficulty of using conventional needles.

The developers note that the mechanism of intradermal vaccination makes it possible to reduce the dose of antigen for many vaccines by 3-5 times, that is, the consumption of the drug becomes less at the same level of immune response. Thus, vaccination becomes more effective and convenient, and the fact that the system is completely painless solves the problem of needle fear syndrome. Additionally, drug dose savings are several times greater than the cost of using a more technologically advanced delivery vehicle for most drugs with molecular weights up to 1 megadalton (MDa).

In addition to medicine, the technology can be applied in cosmetology, for example, with injections of hyaluronic acid. Studies have shown that the procedure is as effective as when the drug is injected with a regular needle. It is proved that after the procedure, the thickness of the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin increases significantly.

The development team patented the technology for the production of microneedles. It is planned to patent the applicator model this year, and then to design the model with controlled dosage and drug delivery rate.

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Source: Gazeta


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