Disney increased its profits by 62% to close to $3,000 million

Entertainment giant The Walt Disney Company announced its win on Wednesday. $2,983 million In the last 9 months, it has increased by 62% compared to the same period of the previous year thanks to the amusement parks.

According to the statement, between November and July, which corresponds to the first 9 months of the 2022 fiscal year, the company has accumulated 62,572 million turnover, 28% more per year.

The media and entertainment industry continues to dominate revenues, but the amusement parks segment cruises and resorts‘ and the commercialization of products practically doubled during this period.

Disney stressed its good performance amusement parks and experiencesespecially in the United States, where consumers are flocking and spending more after last year’s Covid-19 cuts.

The company last quarter burbank (California) increased its profit by 53% to $1,409 million and revenue by 26% to $21,504 million.

Disney’s CEO Bob ChapekI’m thinking “WonderfulThe results of the last 3 months and attributed them to the increase in subscribers to American amusement parks and “streaming” services.

On its “streaming” services, the company already has about 221 million subscribers, the majority of which is owned. Disney+152.1 million, hulu There are 46.2 million and ESPN+ It has 22.8 million.

However, these 3 services reported poor results and left in the last quarter mainly due to higher programming and production costs. Total loss of $1.1 billion.

In line with these results, the company announced on December 8 that it will implement a new price structure for doing business.streamingIt includes cheaper options with ads and offers bundles making existing plans more expensive.

The figures presented at the close of the session on Wall Street were well received by the government. investors and the listed company rose almost 7% in electronic operations. Last year, the company lost more than a third of its capital.

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