Brazilian painting worth $58.6 million found under kidnapper’s bed

Brazilian police found a $58.6 million painting by the famous artist Tarsila do Amaral under his kidnapper’s bed. Guard.

A painting by pioneer modernist Tarsila do Amaral, one of Brazil’s most famous artists, has been found hidden under the bed of a scammer allegedly involved in a multimillion-dollar art theft.

The piece was found during a police operation in Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday morning. It is stated that in 1929 the canvas “The Setting Sun” was hidden under the bed.

Formerly in the US Art Gallery discovered King of India Serfoji and his son II. A stolen 19th century painting by Shivaji.

Indian police monitored the websites of museums, auction centers and antique dealers. As a result, law enforcement discovered that the Peabody Museum in Essex had purchased the stolen painting from an antiques dealer in Manhattan for $35,000. The deal took place in 2006.

Source: Gazeta


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