Acid and bitter: grapefruit conquers high cocktails

With bitter, sweet and citrus nuances. This is the new tonic Grapefruit and Fruits from Nepalnew ‘mixer’ Schweppes in love with the best cocktail shakers in Spain dedicated to making original, creative and refreshing beverages serving in exclusive bars.

“We’ve wanted a grapefruit drink for a long time because It is a flavor that needs to be tamed. It is also versatile. when it comes to making trendy cocktails”, he explains Albert Pizarro Ibiza gastronomic space, aiming to occupy a plot of 60,000 square meters, from 528 one of the best bartenders in Spain, presents here careful combination menu inspired by the island

Alberto Pizarro is experimenting with different citrus fruits for their combinations. EPC

This new reference created by the internal team of the soft drink brand together with the ‘mixing masters’, “It makes our job a lot easier”, adds Pizarro while reinventing the traditional pigeon cocktail with a mixed version tequila, thyme liqueur, a shot of beetroot juice and tonic Grapefruit and exotic fruits from Nepal. It celebrates Alberto Pizarro with a sweet twist that tastes acidic and bitter but gives it roundness and balance.

mixologist Nagore Aguerri we are also grateful for the launch of this new soda that has opened the door for us to produce countless sodas. refreshing and citrus blends. And “every cocktail tells a story,” says this Pamplona woman in charge of the cellar of the Lince restaurant in Madrid, claiming that she always returns to the neighborhood with the perfect hostess smile.

Grapefruit is very special, she adds, because although it has hints of orange, its taste is “very acidic” and its berries help develop other flavors hidden in this long-lasting bubble toner. The ‘Bartender’ recommends a low alcohol mix. an amontilladoa small cider to nuance the touches of the barrel, the ‘mixer’ from Schweppes, pink grapefruit peel and citrus salt to enjoy on the rim of the glass.

Asturian Borja Cortina with one of its combinations. EPC

From Asturian Valencia burgundy curtain prepares a new opening ‘Warsaw’ he was inspired by the places in his homeland, where he had already triumphed. “This will be more urban but with the same letter Our most classic cocktails and new bets of very original flavors” points out the “bartender”, who has been pleased with the new grapefruit soda he has been requesting from the soft drink company for “more than five years”.

“We all wanted this type of mixer. It goes very well with tequila and is very fashionable in Europe.”adds Borja Cortina, however, knowing that the Spanish palate is “more like a mix of oranges and lemons” because of the bitterness of this fruit.

As an appetizer, mixologist grapefruit soda high quality vermouths or ‘premium’ bitters. She emphasizes that before brewing a long old Spanish rum drink, berries from Nepal “sweeten that bitter point” of citrus. with a few drops of angostura bitters, some lemon juice and grapefruit tonic. “It’s quite a swallow,” he says.

Grapefruit & Berries from Nepal rounds off the Schweppes ‘premium blenders’ line, which consists of: Lime Tonic and Touch; Tonic and Hibiscus; Ginger Beer and Chile; Tonic & Pink Pepper; Lemon & Quinine, Orange & Lychee & Ginger Soda & Condensed Ginger & Soda.

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