Eurovision artist who quit music to be a waitress

to join festival Eurovision It is never synonymous with achieving success in the music world. While many have been successful after passing the European competition, others have decided to venture into other career paths as well. heaven public. Israeli representative in 2020 and 2021 She put her art career aside to work in a cafeteria in Tel Aviv,

“Eden wants to take a break from music and acting. He quit acting. He just resigned, turned down big money offers.” in his statements to the media he provides a source very close to the singer Aurora-IsraelHe adds that he has been at his new job for two months.

Aroma Music, the record company of Eden Alene, announced that both the company and he have agreed not to prolong their professional relations: “Released from the seal. We wish him good luck and success in his future life.”

Currently, Eden Alene has become the last singer to make Israel qualify for the Eurovision grand final. Artist from Hebrew country in 2021 He took the 17th place with 93 points with the song ‘Let me free’ (Libérame) At Saturday’s gala, it received only the highest score from Azerbaijan’s television ratings.

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