Biologist called the timing of a new wave of coronavirus in Russia

In Russia, the incidence of coronavirus will start to increase in August this year, and a decrease is expected by September. He told the broadcast “” Ancha Baranova, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor of the School of Systems Biology at George Mason University (Virginia, USA).

According to him, the scenario that happened in South Africa, then in the USA and Europe will be repeated.

The expert explained that the new wave of coronavirus in the world is caused by the BA5 micron, which is called “ninja”, but its crest has already been exceeded and is in decline.

According to Baranova, this happens in almost all countries except Russia and Japan. The Japanese state is geographically located from other countries, and in the Russian Federation – due to the increased level of isolation.

“The less people travel and move between countries, the longer the epidemic can be delayed,” said the biologist.

He added that Russia always lags behind Europe by about two to three weeks in terms of the onset time of each peak of the coronavirus epidemic, now this range is increasing, so it is possible to prepare and evaluate the experience of others. states.

Previously in Rospotrebnadzor said about plans to return anti-covid restrictions.

Source: Gazeta


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