Warning about eye disease caused by high temperatures

Ophthalmologist André Magalhaes says the arrival of summer and rising temperatures increase the risk of ‘dry eyes’. your eyes need tears to be healthy and not be disturbed.

Hospitén Roca specialist, in his statement from the hospital group, states that tears also occur when they are not of good quality, because they do not have a sufficient balance of the elements that make up it. This disease affects half of those over the age of 40, specifically, 60 percent of women and 40 percent of men.

Expert, the main symptoms dryness ocular, a feeling foreign body in the eye, burning, burnout ocular, irritation, intolerance or extreme discomfort with light and even, opinion wavy.

This is an eye disease caused by high temperatures. PEXELS

These symptoms may be aggravated by weather events like fogIt enlightens the ophthalmologist as it produces “an increase in temperature, change in humidity and dust scattered in the air”.

In addition to misting, there are other risk factors that can cause symptoms to appear or worsen. such as hormonal factors and health factors such as age, consumption antidepressants anyone antihistaminesto be in chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatmentssuffering diseases autoimmune or have had Eye Surgery, and environmental factors, especially due to dry environments, too dirty or even air conditioning use. He also explains that the use of contact lenses can also exacerbate these symptoms.

This is an eye disease caused by high temperatures. PEXELS

as for the shape prevent this pathology, the specialist explains that if any of these symptoms occur, it is important to consult your ophthalmologist to “predict actions that can avoid the consequences of dry eye.” The note indicates that it requires a number of care. and habits What to use humidifiers and wear glasses Sun outside.

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