Five arrested for brutal group attack in central Pontevedra

National Police investigation wild group aggression Suffered by a 34-year-old man It delivered its first results in the early hours of July 22 on Michelena Street. arrest in the last hours of five young people because of its relation to reality.

Police sources confirmed the arrests that occurred during the day on Monday, but did not provide further details on the matter. Five people arrested neighbors Pontevedra and alleged material author of the strongest blow received by the victim and he was cited as the trigger for the serious injuries that led to his transfer to Álvaro Cunqueiro Hospital in Vigo, where he was admitted to the Critical Care Unit (ICU) after initial emergency care in Montecelo.

Provincial Police Station carries full privacy investigations Although the attack is not thought to be related to a robbery as originally alleged, it is about this incident whose motives are still unknown. For now, it turns out that this man, who is apparently around 34 years old, was attacked by an unknown number of people, taking a series of blows that knocked him to the ground and suffered, among others. a strong blow to the head. Forensic Police agents took charge of the case and focused on the case. security camera review Taking statements from any witnesses present in the area who may also provide any relevant data.

The seriousness of the incident caused victim stays in hospital in the hospital almost three weeks after being beaten up.

Source: Informacion


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