this List of scandals starring Ezra Miller is increasing. After getting involved in dark issues in recent months child abuse, abuse and disorder of public orderIt turns out that the hero of ‘The Flash’ is also to blame. robbery and breaking and entering.

According to a police report collected by The Hollywood Reporter, the Vermont State Police were notified of a possible robbery reported by residents of County Road (Stamford, Vermont) on May 1.Several bottles of alcohol were stolen in a residence during they didn’t have ownersPolice indicted Miller after an investigation that included taking statements and reviewing several security camera videos.

Player, who was weeks not disclosedHe was finally found on August 7 and subpoenaed to appear in the Vermont Supreme Court for a trial hearing on September 26. It’s unclear whether Miller knew the occupants of the house he allegedly robbed.

Last March Miller Arrested after an argument at a karaoke in Hilo (Hawaii) as a result, he was accused of harassment and disrupting public order. He was released after posting a $500 bond. After Miller was arrested in Hilo threatened to kill a coupleperson requesting a restraining order. In April, he was arrested again for assault in Pahoa, Hawaii.

Already in June condemned by the star manipulating and drugging an activist When he was a minor, Tokata called Iron Eyes. Also, Rolling Stone published an article alleging that Miller provided shelter to a 25-year-old mother and her three young children on a ranch in Stamford, Vermont. medicines and weapons Unsupervised. In addition, previous controversies, such as the alleged assault on a woman in Iceland in 2020 and another accusation of harassment against a woman in Germany, apparently occurred in February 2022.

Miller’s behavior seems to worry his community, as sources close to the translator told Business Insider:lost touch with realitySo much so that he has been walking around with a gun and a bulletproof vest for months because he believes the Ku Klux Klan and the FBI are after him.