Russia stops oil supply via Ukraine

export Oil from Russia through Ukraine They’ve been out of business for several days, according to Transneft firm, which confirmed a shutdown this Tuesday. threatens the continuity of supply to several countries from Eastern Europe.

The company justified the outage due to the malfunction. supply payment He attributes this to sanctions against Moscow following the military offensive launched on Ukrainian soil in February, official news agencies reported.

The measure affects the southern branch of the Druzhba pipeline, which carries crude oil to refineries in Turkey. Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Transneft announced that the supply in its northern branch to Poland and Germany is operating normally for now.

Oil is on the list of sanctions adopted by the United States. European Union Against Russia with the aim of reducing imports by 90 percent this year. However, the total veto is limited to delivery by sea, and the EU provides exceptions for Eastern countries that are more dependent on Russian crude oil.

According to 2021 data, the European Union’s refined oil imports from Russia amounted to 23,000 million euros and 48,000 million crude oil.

Source: Informacion


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