Photos Reveal Official Notes Trump Alleged To Flush The Toilet

Every American president has a legal obligation. protect letters, emails and working documents and hand them over to the National Archives, but some photos released this Monday some notes then president donald trump He allegedly flushed the toilet.. The footage is part of the book ‘Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Break of America’ by The New York Times reporter and CNN contributor Maggie Haberman.

These photos of the two toilets were obtained by the author based on the sources of the former Republic Administration. One of these images shows a bathroom inside the White House, and the other shows Trump’s trip abroad. On one of the torn notes the word “qualified” can be read, on the other Stefanik; it’s a possible reference to Republican Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, a Trump ally who has become the party’s “number three” in the House. It’s unclear who wrote these, but the handwriting appears to belong to the former president, according to CNN.

“Who knows what these papers were? It was just him and who was supposed to take care of him,” Haberman told CNN on Monday, making it clear that the content is beyond what can be extracted. The most important issue is related to the protection of official documents.. Reporter says White House staff members of the current US president during Trump’s term (2017-2021) I would wipe documents in the toilet.

According to publisher Penguin Books, Haberman presents the portrait of both Trump and the character as a mass phenomenon in ‘The Man of Confidence’, which will be released in October, with experience gained through presidential reporting and interviews with hundreds of sources.

This isn’t the first time Trump has been accused of tearing up official documents. In February, the media published the discovery of several boxes containing material and working information that the former president had. at her house Florida. The documents included correspondence sent to him by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un during the bilateral unraveling, which Trump once described as “love letters”, as well as a letter left to him in the Oval Office by his predecessor, Barack Obama. 2009-2017).

Haberman had already warranted in February that Trump flushes papers down the toilet and sometimes clogs pipes, an accusation that the former president found “categorically false” at the time, according to White House staff. “If part of your promotional strategy is paper photos in the toilet, you must be pretty desperate to sell books,” Trump spokesman Taylor Budowich told Axios on Monday.

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