Musk Says Twitter Purchase Could Be Closed If He Gets User Data

Billionaire Elon Musk reassured this Saturday Deal to buy Twitter for $44 billionbroken at the beginning of July, if the company gives you detailed information on how it estimates the number of fake or “spam” accounts, it may be shut down.

“If Twitter makes it easy Your 100s sampling method “And as they are confirmed to be real, the deal should continue on its original terms,” ​​he said.

In the meantime, if the information that Twitter has presented to the regulators is shown to be false, the businessman said, operation could not be closed as agreed.

Musk was briefed in early July intention to cancel the purchase of technologyAgreed for 44,000 million between both parties, and the latter responded by filing a lawsuit in a court specializing in commercial disputes to force the operation to complete.

The Tesla president’s argument is this: The social network didn’t give him the numbers from the fake accounts he wanted.Twitter assures that this is an excuse to avoid completing the operation, which has become less and less attractive as Musk loses assets due to the company’s drop in price and stock markets.

Dispute settlement trial will begin on October 17 According to the litigation documents made public so far, unless both parties agree on another date.

Twitter’s board invites shareholders Voting for the acquisition on September 13 and asking them to give the green light to the operation as the final step to shut down the operation, although he admits that this is also tied to the “ongoing litigation” with the millionaire.

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