77 years of Hiroshima: world leaders call for an end to nuclear weapons so that tragedy does not repeat

It was quarter past eight on the morning of August 6, 1945. sky in a second Hiroshima ignited and exploded and reached a million degrees Celsius temperatures just before it burns and vaporizes everything in its path. So Hiroshima died in a second. Almost 80,000 people died instantly from the nuclear bomb, but at least 60,000 died during that year because of radiation.

The few survivors were nicknamed pejoratively. hibakusha -Japanese bomber-. Stigmatized for being cursed, they were forced to live in isolation, concealing their condition, and living without medical treatment. Until a year and a half later, hibakusha they were not informed that what they witnessed was the “Little Boy” atomic bomb, Nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima by the Enola Gay plane To avenge the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

The horror of the moment is felt in the words of Enola Gay’s tail gunner, Bob Carton, whom Max Morgan collects in his book. Enola Gay: A gripping investigation into the Hiroshima atomic bomb: “A column of smoke is rising rapidly. It is a purplish gray bubbling mass with a red core. Everything is pure turbulence. Fires spread everywhere like flames rising from a great coal bed. They’re too many to count. Here’s the mushroom shape Captain Parsons told us about. Like a bubbling mass of molasses. It may be fifteen or three thousand meters wide and eight hundred meters high. It is almost at our level and continues to rise. It is very black but shows a very strange purplish tint. Flames and smoke ripple and swirl around its foothills. LThe city must be under all this. The only thing I see in the city right now is the main wharf.”

What the city was experiencing was an enormous number of fires, an explosion that shattered windows about 16 kilometers away and could be felt from 59 kilometers away, and finally, a highly radioactive black rain filled with dust and soot This causes thousands of deaths. That was the horror of the nuclear bomb in Hiroshima 77 years ago today, with which the United States was aiming to end World War II.

The destruction of Hiroshima after the fall of the nuclear bomb. WIKICOMMONS MEDIA

A ceremony was held to commemorate the tragedy

The city of Hiroshima woke up this morning with Peace Park located at the epicenter of the bomb. a ceremony to commemorate victims. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, other political figures and a few others attended. hibakusha

After a moment of silence observed at a quarter past eight in the morning, Guterres took the floor to demand full denuclearization as a sign of respect for the victims left by the atomic bomb. And in his speech at the time, he warned that humanity was “playing with a loaded gun” because of the more than 13,000 atomic weapons available.

“The only thing that separates us from the apocalypse is a mistake, misunderstanding or miscalculation,” Guterres said, recalling the open conflicts in Ukraine, Korea and the Middle East. To avoid this, he asked the political representatives of 98 countries “work urgently to eliminate all stockpiles threatening our future

Japan’s call for a ‘nuclear-free’ world

Immediately after the intervention of the UN Secretary-General, the Prime Minister of Japan took the floor to ensure the security of his country. will respect its tripartite anti-nuclear commitment (neither will it have nor be allowed to deploy such weapons on its territory)Despite rising tensions in the Asia-Pacific, some voices in his party have called for a rethinking of these principles.

Citing the G7 leaders’ summit, scheduled for next May in Hiroshima, as an opportunity to promote nuclear disarmament, Kishida said, “Japan will reconcile its regional security situation with its desire to achieve a nuclear-free world.” He said it’s timeStand up and commit to never repeat a similar tragedy”.

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