A criminal organization fell from the Balkans that brought cocaine to Europe

As reported this Saturday by the armed institute, the organization was led by a member of a well-known Italian criminal organization. Ndrangheta although most of its members are of Montenegrin descent.

In the development of the operation, in which police officers from Croatia, Italy, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Portugal, Serbia and Slovenia also participated, 6.1 tons of cocaine seizedthousands of euros in cash, a few vehicles, a boat and a gun with ammunition.

this Investigation started in 2018 After the Portuguese authorities seized 840 kilograms of cocaine hidden in a boat moored on the island of Horta in the Azores.

In December of the same year, agents from the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Civil Guard Command and the UCO’s Alicante Organized Crime Squad found a boat on the island of Tenerife, whose crew had strong ties to the Balkan clans dedicated to cocaine trafficking. by sea.

After several investigations, 600 kilograms of cocaine was seized on the boat in May 2019 It is hidden inside on the island of Horta. Two members of the crew, of Montenegrin and British origin, were arrested.

At the same time, as a result of operational studies carried out by the Civil Guard in Spain, it was possible to find out how the investigated criminal organization bought a new sailboat in the province of Alicante.

Already at the beginning of 2020 and with the cooperation of the Civil Guard, the Ivory National Navy seized 411 kilograms of oil. Cocaine and 7 arrested at a port in Ivory Coast He is of Ghanaian and Montenegrin descent.

All information obtained by the Civil Guard in these two arrests was provided to Europol and relates to the conduct of operation Florida I by the Montenegrin Police, which seized 5.1 tons of cocaine on a cargo ship on the island of Aruba (Netherlands). and arrested eleven crew members, all of Montenegrin origin.

As a whole, in operation Florida I, which ended on July 27, 29 people were arrested and 6.1 tons of cocaine was seized.

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