“We decided to ruin our vacation”: Ukrainian drone attacked the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet

A Ukrainian drone struck the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet, five people received shrapnel wounds, reported Sevastopol Governor Mikhail Razvozhaev on his Telegram channel. Events scheduled for the July 31st Navy Day have been postponed for security reasons.

“Early this morning, the Ukronazis decided to ruin the Navy Day for us. An unidentified object flew into the courtyard of the Fleet Headquarters, according to preliminary data, this is a drone. Five people were injured, members of the squadron headquarters, no casualties. Help was provided to everyone. FSB is working, conditions being investigated, ”wrote Razvozhaev.

The governor added that two victims of the blast were of moderate severity, while three were slightly injured. FSB is at the scene.

He also urged residents of the city to remain calm and stay at home.

The press service of the Black Sea Fleet reported that on the territory of the headquarters, a low-power explosive device mounted on a makeshift drone was detonated. The headquarters noted that victims of broken glass have already been helped.

The governor later said the number of injured had risen to six.

there will be no vacation

City officials said that Navy Day in Sevastopol is scheduled to be held on July 31 in abbreviated form – without the ships’ parade and traditional theatrical performance.

“Most of this year’s events are held at Grafskaya Pier. This is a solemn meeting of the commander, who will take part in the bypass of the ships, and the assignment of the name Andrey Paliy to the boat. At the same time, there will be no ceremonial formation of ships, all events on Grafskaya will be of a protocol nature.

Andrey Paliy – Deputy Commander of the Black Sea Fleet, captain of the 1st rank, participant in the special operation of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine. The soldier died in the battles of Mariupol, reported Razvozhaev March 20.

It was also planned that the ceremonial events would begin with a prayer service in the Vladimir Cathedral – the tomb of the admirals, and with the laying of flowers on the Memorial Wall in honor of the defense of Sevastopol in 1941-1942. A solemn meeting of the commander of the Black Sea Fleet, Andrei Osipov, and laying a wreath on the water was to take place at the Grafskaya pier.

The events were planned to end with concerts and fireworks.

Navy Day in other cities

At another base of the Black Sea Fleet – in Novorossiysk – the decision to cancel or postpone the parade has not yet been taken.

In Vladivostok on the Golden Horn Bay, a solemn parade of ships took place in honor of Navy Day. The commander of the Pacific Fleet, Admiral Sergei Avakyants, took part in the events.

The passage ended with a series of artillery salvos from the frigate Admiral Shaposhnikov.

Changes to the Northern Fleet’s program of activity were not reported.

main parade

The main naval parade St. Petersburg and Kronstadt, and will be hosted by the supreme commander-in-chief, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The head of state is expected to bypass the passage lines of warships in the waters of the Gulf of Finland and the Neva, and on the Kronstadt land route.

More than 40 ships, boats and submarines, as well as 42 aircraft and more than 3.5 thousand military personnel, will participate in the parade. Events will start at 11:00 am.

It was also reported that the Commander-in-Chief will sign decrees on the ratification of the Naval Doctrine of the Russian Federation and the Ship’s Charter of the Russian Navy.

Yuri Borisov, who became Deputy Prime Minister for the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation on May 20, 2022, said that they decided to adjust the Naval Doctrine taking into account “changes in the geopolitical and military-strategic situation in the world”. ”

According to him, the new provisions of the doctrine would “enable the entry of civilian ships and crews into the Navy” and ensure “wartime operation of naval infrastructure facilities”. He argued that the innovations were aimed at “enhancing national security, not conflict.”

Sevastopol Governor Mikhail Razvozhaev said that the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet attacked a drone of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, six people were injured. Navy Day events have been cancelled, with city residents being asked to stay home. What is known about the attack – in the material “socialbites.ca”.

Source: Gazeta


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