The figure is in the statistics: Ambassador announces the death rate of Russian tourists in Turkey

In the first half of 2022, 50 Russian tourists died on vacation in Turkey for various reasons, reported Russian Ambassador to Turkey Alexei Yerkhov. The last increase in death among Russian citizens in the Turkish Mediterranean was recorded in 2019.

“There are 50 deaths among Russians in the first six months. This figure is in the statistics. The main reasons for this are chronic diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases, drowning, traffic accidents,” he said.

Last month, he noted that a seemingly forgotten trend was recorded – COVID-19 diseases among Russians. According to him, 20 cases of infection were recorded among Russian citizens in the southern regions of Turkey.

Also, last month, the Consulate General of Russia recorded 10 serious accidents in which about 50 Russians were injured.

Situation with Russophobia

He also said that recently, there have been reports in the media and social networks that there are clashes between Russian and foreign tourists in Turkey on “ethnic or political grounds”.

“I invite those who encounter such incidents to contact the Antalya Consulate as soon as possible. Staff will provide qualified assistance. And I can assure you that such cases will not go unnoticed and those responsible will not go unpunished. I hope that in such a case, our tourists will activate this option.”

Polish tourists in Turkish Alanya at the end of July 2022 beaten A Russian citizen after refusing to talk to them about a special operation in Ukraine.

The conflict occurred on July 13, 2022, in the restaurant of the Quattro Beach Spa and Resort Hotel in Alanya. While the man was resting with his wife in a cafe, several Polish vacationers approached them. A conversation broke out between the citizens of the two countries, and the Poles tried several times to speak Russian about politics.

After the man once again refused to discuss the situation in Ukraine, one of the foreigners began to harass his Russian wife. When the man tried to mediate with his wife, the citizens of Poland attacked him and shot him several times. Eyewitnesses of the incident called the police, but by the time law enforcement officers arrived, the foreigners fled, and the injured Russians had to go to the police station. After the tourist returned to the hotel from the police, the hotel manager forced the Russians to sign a waiver of any claims against the resort’s management and guests.

In March 2022, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan condemned the West’s “fascist attitude” towards Russians. The German government has also stated that it will not tolerate attacks on the Russian-speaking population.

Marina Sorokina, President of the Antalya Russian Association in March 2022 statedHe said that the organization, together with the Consul General of the Russian Federation, appealed to local authorities to suppress possible conflicts. According to him, the situation is brought under the control of law enforcement. According to him, they will face penalties ranging from inciting ethnic hatred to deportation.

However, after the Russian army launched a special operation in Ukraine on February 24, 2022, monuments to Soviet soldiers were desecrated in some European countries, Russian-speaking residents and tourists were subjected to separate attacks. In particular, in Berlin, unknown people set fire to the gymnasium of the Russian-German school named after VV Lomonosov. Then the deputy head of Rossotrudnichestvo Dmitry Polikanov said that the department strengthened the security of the Russian Houses and set up police stations. Some employees have switched to an online work mode.

The man did not return from Istanbul

20-year-old Russian tourist Makar Ragin at the end of July 2021 disappeared In Istanbul. Ragin was supposed to fly from Istanbul to Vilnius on July 29, but did not get on the plane. The man studied in Warsaw and flew to Istanbul for a vacation. Later, his mother flew to Turkey and wrote a statement about her son’s disappearance.

His body was found on 10 August the same year in the Gulf of Burgaz Island, near Istanbul. The man’s body was spotted by people boarding the boat around the bay and reported to the police. The Russian was in the water for about 10 days. A purse and wallet were found on him.

As a result of the investigation, the police concluded that Ragin died as a result of the accident. Police concluded that the Russian lost his balance, slipped and fell off a cliff.

Situation in previous years

According to Yerkhov, 185 Russian tourists died in Turkey’s Mediterranean resorts in 2019. 31 of them are in the district of Istanbul.

“Compared to 2018, there were no mass cases of citizens complaining of roto- and enterovirus infections in 2019, while of course there were complaints about food quality and individual cases of poisoning. Thank God it was possible to avoid major, serious accidents with tourist buses. However, the number of our citizens who lost their lives as a result of drowning has increased significantly, especially for children.

According to the ambassador, the rate of accidents involving Russian tourists is still high. However, the majority of deaths are associated with exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Yerkhov said, “Cardiovascular, heart attack, stroke, cirrhosis, etc.

The high death rate is also explained by the popularity of Turkish resorts among Russians and the high air temperature. It is also stated that the exacerbation of diseases and conflict situations may be related to the all-inclusive system and unlimited alcohol use in Turkish hotels.

According to Sergei Markov, Secretary General of the Russian-Turkish Public Forum, Russian tourists need “Prepare” for trips to Turkey – warn of road hazards, hot climate and call for moderation. According to Markov, foreign tourists from England and Germany also drink alcohol, but less strongly – for example, beer. Finally, he chose one of the reasons for the high mortality rate among tourists’ careless attitude to their own health. Chronic diseases may be more acute in the hot Turkish climate. Among the tourists there are also many pregnant Russian women, for whom the Turkish heat can be extremely dangerous.

Russian Ambassador to Turkey Alexei Yerkhov said that 50 Russian tourists died in Turkish resorts in the last six months. He listed chronic diseases, COVID-19 and traffic accidents as the main causes. He noted that conflict situations related to inter-ethnic conflicts were recorded.

Source: Gazeta


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