People were stranded because of the bars on the windows. Details about the fire in the Moscow hostel

eight victims

The fire started on the first floor of the 16-storey residential building No. 7 on Alma-Atinskaya street. According to Telegram channel 112, the fire managed to spread to three rooms and a corridor, burning furniture and personal belongings. Several people were evacuated from the building by firefighters – seven people were evacuated from the hostel and a woman was helped to leave the 2nd floor apartment.

“First I heard an explosion and then smoke started rising in my apartment,” a 4th-floor apartment resident told Baza Telegram.

Emergency services told RIA Novosti that the fire was extinguished at 0:47 in a 150 square meter area. The fire may have originated from faulty electrical equipment.

Andrey Rumyantsev, the deputy head of the capital GUMCHS, said that the guests of the burning hostel died because of the bars on the windows. They are found in all windows at the end of the building. According to him, a Sagittarius-Tracing fire alarm was installed in the burning boarding house, but for some reason it did not work.

“From 2019 to 2022, court proceedings were held at this facility multiple times. The last inspection of this facility was done in June 2022, after which the supervisory authorities also issued an order and warning.”

According to the Telegram channel of the capital Deptrans, traffic across Alma-Ata was temporarily suspended due to the state of emergency, but was later reopened.

An emergency services representative told RIA Novosti that three Russians and five migrants from Central Asian countries died as a result of the fire. The source said that according to preliminary data, the cause of the fire could be a malfunction of electrical equipment. And people most likely died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

On his Telegram channel, the head of the capital’s investigative committee said that four people were hospitalized after the fire, they received the necessary help.

criminal case

The Investigation Committee filed a criminal case under Article 238 of the fire for “providing services that did not meet safety requirements, resulting in the negligent death of two or more people.” Law enforcement officers inspected the emergency site after the burning was removed.

“A fire and technical survey will be appointed to determine the exact cause of the fire,” the ministry said.

According to the Ministry’s Telegram channel, the Moscow prosecutor’s office has also launched an investigation.

A law enforcement source told TASS that the company that owns the burning hostel in Moscow emerged only three months ago.

“The company that owns the hostel was registered three months ago. Its authorized capital is 25 thousand rubles. The founder has four other similar companies with the same authorized capital, all of them active,” he said.

According to him, the hostel where the deadly fire broke out three weeks ago was already within sight of the police. According to Telegram channel 112, during the audit it was found that the owner of the hostel, Mosmed LLC, has collectively put foreigners on the immigration record. It turned out that 144 immigrants were registered at the address of the hostel.

The owners of the Rauf and Eleonora Mironov hotel are now being questioned by investigators.

forbidden cages

Fire safety expert Vitaly Boyko told that the railings on the windows of the hostel are prohibited according to the rules.

“If suddenly there are bars, then there must be keys hanging by the window. That is, they must be locked with a key, a lock. The grates, of course, are welded, so that no one gets in, nothing steals, but in general people do not think about fire safety, ”explained the expert.

In his opinion, a systematic scheduled inspection in the field of fire safety should be carried out at any facility. There are fire regulations for hotels and hostels. The inspector had to check how well the building complied with regulations and requirements.

“But we have a moratorium on inspections, a lot of people neglect it. Everyone is hoping for a chance, thinking it won’t affect him. But there are rules for the fire regime and Federal Law 123 – everything is clearly stated there, who must do what and who is responsible for what. Ignorance of the law does not absolve the person who makes such mistakes from responsibility.”

On Friday night, a fire broke out in a hostel on the first floor of a residential building in the southeast of Moscow. Eight people fell victim – people could not escape because of the bars on the windows. The Investigative Committee filed a criminal case for “the provision of services that did not meet safety requirements, negligently resulting in the death of two or more people.” The expert told that hostel owners are breaking the rules by installing forbidden bars on the windows.

Source: Gazeta


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