Kansas voted not to change abortion rights

Kansas voters (United States of America) voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to keep the right to abortion intact It’s a defeat for conservatives trying to curb it, as is currently enshrined in the state’s Constitution. According to the estimates of the main American media, 90% of the votes were counted. more than 60% of voters refused to change the state constitution to restrict the right to abortion.

This was the Supreme Court’s ‘Roe v. It is the first referendum held by a U.S. state since its decision annulled Wade’ decision.

The consultation, held to coincide with the state’s primary elections on Tuesday, could have opened the door for the state government to pass legislation to restrict the right to abortion, but it will now remain legal for up to 22 weeks. It was a particularly relevant referendum because it could set a precedent for other states.

Despite having a Democratic governor, the central state of Kansas, Laura Kelly, great republican tradition and this party controls the attorney general, the secretary of state, and both houses of the state legislature. Also, Republicans dominate the presidential election, and Donald Trump has been the favorite presidential candidate with 56% of the vote in the last two elections.

Tuesday’s referendum was harshly criticized by civil organizations. question text was not clear enoughAccording to the organization Planned Parenthood, it is intended to “falseify and confuse those who oppose abortion.”

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