According to the OCU, airlines cannot charge for hand luggage

The Consumers and Users Organization (OCU) warns this Monday, which coincides with the start of the August holidays: most Airlines They cannot charge extra for hand luggage, as a suitcase up to 10 kilos is included in the ticket price.

It is stated in a statement that encourages all consumers affected by this supplement to exercise their rights as passengers and claim this “abusive” practice before the competent consumer authority of their autonomous community.

On the note, more than two years ago Justice rejects cabin baggage policy enforced by some companies and now another decision of the Commercial Court No. 1 of Madrid has once again rejected this malpractice.

In particular, the decision took into account As hand luggage, users can not only carry small wallets or bags, which are usually under the seat, but also small unchecked suitcases. and carried in the upper compartments of the cabin.

The court holds that affected users are covered by the Air Navigation ActInclude items brought by the passenger, including items purchased from shops at airports, as well as up to 10 kilos of hand luggage in the ticket price.

Like this, These objects and packages can be denied boarding for security reasons only.which depend on the weight or size of the object, in which case it must be invoiced at the costs set by the company.

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