Unemployment in the euro zone repeats at 6.6% in June, at historical minimum

The unemployment rate in the euro area was realized in last June. Third month in a row with 6.6%1.3 points below the same month in 2021 and represents the lowest unemployment level among Nineteen of the entire historical series.data dating back to April 1998. Eurostat.

Unemployment rate remained the same in the euro area eight-tenths below pre-pandemic levelUnemployment among euro countries has been 7.4% since February 2020.

Same way, in all European Union unemployment rate remained steady at 6% in June, compared to 7.2% a year ago. It is also the lowest unemployment level among the Twenty-Seven.

The European Statistical Office estimates 12,931 million people were unemployed in the EU in June 2022, 10,925 million of these were in the euro area. This represents a monthly drop of 26,000 and 25,000, respectively.

Compared to June 2021, the number of unemployed decreased by 2.311 million in the EU and 1.987 million in the euro area.

Among the twenty-seven countries, the highest unemployment rate corresponded to Spain with 12.6%; Greece with 12.3%; and Italy with 8.1%. By contrast, the lowest unemployment figures were seen in the Czech Republic (2.4%), Poland (2.7%) and Germany (2.8%).

In the case of under 25In June, the unemployment rate in the euro area and the EU as a whole was 13.6 percent, compared to 13.3 percent in the EU and 13.2 percent in the euro area the previous month.

In absolute terms, The number of unemployed youth in the EU reached 2.546 million in the sixth month of the year2.073 million of this corresponded to the euro area.

In the case of Spain, 2.975 million people were unemployed in June 2022.469,000 of them were under the age of 25.

Thus, the youth unemployment rate in Spain was the second highest between 27.9 and 27.9, behind 29.5% in Greece and ahead of 23.1% in Italy.

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