Seven people arrested for brutal attack with baseball bats in Alicante

National Police agents have arrested alleged perpetrators of the brutal attack on a 27-year-old man in Alicante, who was beaten with baseball bats and iron bars and even threatened with a knife and beaten to the head with a bottle. Provincial Police reported it caused a wound that required 8 stitches.

Apparently, a previous trivial discussion that occurred last May was the source of the aggression. The two sides recently met again at a well-known entertainment venue in the San Juan beach area, where a glass bottle was thrown at the hit victim, requiring two stitches.

The victim reported such incidents to the Police Station, but did not want to continue the process later on, fearing retaliation from these individuals as they were part of a family clan known in the criminal world.

The alleged perpetrators of the attack made death threats to the victim by showing them a gun to scare him, saying that they would kill him if he showed up in their neighborhood.

On the day of the incident, the victim went to that neighborhood to see his family, who also resided there, and was seen by a family member who came to the scene armed with up to seven members of the clan and informed the others. sticks, baseball, iron rods, and even one of them, with a knife he couldn’t use because the victim had managed to snatch it from him.

Despite trying to escape and hide inside a bar, the victim was noticed by the attackers, who started hitting all parts of his body with such blunt objects indiscriminately, even though the victim even noticed how they threw furniture at him from the workplace, Glass hitting his forehead and causing a significant wound that required surgical intervention. throwing objects, bottles, or glasses, and 8 stitches.

Investigations were conducted by the Alicante Central Police Station Judicial Police Operations Group of the National Police, and after conducting the investigations they managed to identify and locate all the assailants, one of whom is currently serving a sentence in Fontcalent prison. where the facts are attributed to him.

The implementation of the remainder of the arrests required the support of the Prevention and Response Unit ( Rayos) Alicante Provincial Police Station, as well as the Operational Response Groups of the Central and Northern Regional Police Stations, given the dangerousness of those investigated and their previous background.

Five of the seven detainees, six men and one woman, of Spanish nationality, aged between 26 and 55, were placed at the disposal of the Court of Cassation to serve in the same town, together with the accused, the sixth of whom is in the prison where the alleged perpetrator is alleged and continues to be imprisoned awaiting trial for these acts. He was released after taking his statement at the police station while waiting to be summoned to court.

Source: Informacion


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